This weeks blog post takes us over from Adelaide to Tasmania for Caitlin & Toms wedding at historic Port Arthur.

Not only were we treated to some beautiful light and backdrops but some equally amazing people and families. 

I arrived a few days before to scout for some great backdrops and to take a look at their very unique ceremony location in the convict Church within the grounds of Historic Port Arthur itself, what an amazing place!  I was also able to catch some of the antics that went into decorating the Old farm where their reception was to be held later in the evening. That’s when I knew it was going to be a wedding to remember. It was obvious straight away the Caitlin and her sister Imogen who’s wedding I will also be covering in Western Australia later this year were very close and it was just a breeze to fit in with these guys. 🙂  Thanks Cait & Tom for making my job easy……. It’s not every weekend I get to see a couple play Rock – Paper – Scissors during their ceremony. 🙂

Photo locations included the grounds of Port Arthur, Carnavon Bay and down to Remarkable Cave that lived up to it’s name. The long sunsets that the south of Tasmania gets this time of year made for some beautiful soft light and I hope you enjoy what we captured and I hope reflects their day nicely. Air guitars on the dance floor were a huge hit as well.

Thanks so much to everyone there that welcomed me and showed great hospitality. I’m sure I’ll see a lot of you again over in WA.

All the best




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