One of the yearly highlights as an AIPP Member is our annual print awards. This judging and awards process brings together the pick of the crop wedding photographers around Adelaide and South Australia to have their work assessed, judged and rewarded for excellence in subject matter and printing. Whilst there are many categories from Family to Landscape to Fine Art we concentrate on what we are good at and thats outstanding wedding photography. Below are just a few images that have been presented and rewarded over recent times and we’re pretty proud of them.



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Why use an accredited photographer?  That’s a great question. It’s a sad fact that in Australia, at present photographers are not held accountable to the same regulatory requirements and legal status that other Government and state-regulated professions are. On one hand this can be a great thing…  It allows fresh new talent and creativity to breed in an unrestricted space but on the flip side it can create a minefield for clients when anyone can call themselves a ‘Professional’ without any accountability or having to adhere to any agreed set standards.

AIPP Accreditation is designed to give you the consumer complete confidence that you are dealing with a reputable photographer that has met certain criteria, that they are experienced and technically capable Demonstrate that their work is of a very high ‘professional standard’  and have a portfolio assessed by and experienced AIPP image assessor. Satisfy legal, ethical and moral business standards and keep up to date with educational development via a points system.

The AIPP constantly monitors its accreditation requirements to ensure you the client that the standard for accredited membership is appropriate for the profession of photography not just now but in the future.

For full details on the accreditation process and standards click HERE


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